50th Grad Year Reunion

Einstein might’ve enjoyed
our fiftieth grad year reunion—

to sit with us, joke and guffaw
in a place between then and now, where

minutes like pearls tumble unclasped
from the choke-hold of calendar law.

6 Replies to “50th Grad Year Reunion”

    1. Hi Marilyn, Thanks for your kind remarks! A poem just sort of grows out of an emotional response I have to something or someone, that’s meaningful. I contemplate the feeling for a while and stay receptive for any words that might come. Then I move them around on a page in different groupings until I’m pleased with how they look, feel and sound. Try it! You’ll enjoy it!!


      1. I wrote a poem once and achieved it exactly the way you described. Might try again when the moment presents itself.


  1. Hello, Margaret…having attended my 50th a couple of years ago, I appreciate the undeniable influence of “calendar law.” Sweet poem…


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